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New Year Divorce Day

New Year Divorce Day

Whilst most of us enter into marriage with high hopes, the fact remains that an estimated 42 percent of marriages end in divorce. With January very much on the horizon, lawyers are bracing for a flood of enquiries as ‘Divorce Day’, the first working Monday of January, looming on the calendar. According to the Independent, legal firms typically see a surge in enquiries from spouses planning to break up after making it through the Christmas holidays. A survey carried out by legal firm Irwin Mitchell found that one in five married couples will consider separating from their partners at this time of year.

Correct estate planning can help ensure that if you do decide to call time on your marriage then assets can be divided appropriately, especially important where children are involved. Complete Asset Protection believe in Independent and impartial Financial advice – we can assist with many financial planning activities and have a strong working partnership with specialist firms enabling us to put you in contact with other professionals where required.

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