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The Complete Asset Protection Blog

Keep up-to-date with the latest financial planning news as well as information from Complete Asset Protection including special offers and competitions.

  • It’s a topic that most of us (understandably) would rather not talk about! Ultimately though, we are all going to die and it’s our responsibility to ensure that our wishes are carried out after our death. It may be thought that a Will deals with rela... Read more

  • To celebrate the start of the New Year, we are offering 250 Life Planning and Asset Protection reviews. This is a fantastic opportunity to start the New Year in a very positive way by ensuring you have appropriate arrangements in place that reflect y... Read more

  • A death in the family is always going to be a distressing time… to compound the emotional distress however might be the knowledge that you are unable to afford the funeral costs. According to the BBC, the average cost of a funeral is now £3,675. A su... Read more

  • Whilst most of us enter into marriage with high hopes, the fact remains that an estimated 42 percent of marriages end in divorce. With January very much on the horizon, lawyers are bracing for a flood of enquiries as ‘Divorce Day’, the first working ... Read more

  • Christmas is the time for giving, so we are offering you the chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher to take advantage of during those Boxing Day sales! Alternatively, We are happy to substitute this prize for a £50 donation to one of Children's Hospice S... Read more

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