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About Us

Mark Warner

Mark Warner

Managing Director

Mark Warner is the founder of and primary Life Planning Consultant at Complete Asset Protection. Mark has been actively involved in the Financial Services profession for many years, mainly as an Independent Financial Adviser and Mark’s decision to diversify was due to the fact that in his opinion and from experience, too many people are failing to plan effectively. There are serious issues, such as divorce, bankruptcy, short & long-term illness, long-term care and generational inheritance tax. Mark believes, that effective planning can reduce the financial impact of life events on an individual to ultimately benefit loved ones and that then allows them to make positive decisions for their future. Hence the formation and development of Complete Asset Protection.

Compete Asset Protection also have other key individuals who are very important to the day to day running of the business, from our Operations Director to our IT Consultants and Web designers. Our key personnel and business partners will also be published here in due course.